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dump diving hipster

history geek. simpsons expert. chat-show host. nerd. i cry about a lot of things. come 'ere for : asoiaf/got, battlestar galactica, sailor fuckin' moon, indian cinema (mainly bollywood) and dumb text posts.

Jul 28 '14
Jul 27 '14

What’s the proper etiquette for when a drug dealer accidentally texts your phone

Jul 27 '14
more like Andrew Cunnilingus amirite

more like Andrew Cunnilingus amirite

Jul 27 '14

well? can he????


well? can he????

Jul 27 '14

You have the heart of a chief, and the soul of a dragon.

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Jul 26 '14



why are dolls from the 1920’s-50’s always the ones that are haunted?? i wanna see a haunted anime love pillow

Jul 26 '14




These leafdogs soothe my soul

this is the highest level of wizard

this. is. everything.

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Jul 26 '14

I will keep you from all harm


I will keep you from all harm

Jul 25 '14

You wouldn’t think it was possible to write 6,000 words of utter cock but here it is my literature review fuckfuckfuck


Jul 25 '14

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1. Disclose one item on your blacklist, if you have one. (hypothetical if you don’t) 

Erm libertarianism, Diet Coke, stonewash denim. 

2. I am very nosy about people’s work habits so… What is your work space like? Is it regular/stationary? Do you have a view? Posters up? What’s on it at the moment?

My work space is basically my preferred seats in my preferred rooms in various libraries around London. I need them to be relatively airy. I don’t work well at home because that place is for relaxing and telling bad jokes with my boyfriend and flatmate. 

3. If you could change a plotline in your favourite tv show, what would you change?

Dummmmmmm I’d change Sybil dying in Downton I guess. I’d DEFINITELyyyyy have changed the Gendry storyline holyyyy shit. 

4. The last three things you googled.

"heartburn NHS"

"pain when swallowing"

"signs of lung cancer"

(I have hypochondria) 

5. Do you have seasonal movies - ones that you associate with a particular time of year for whatever reason? Tell me about it! If not, then about any piece of media you have some specific kind of temporal … connection with.

For Christmas it’s the Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. Other than that nope!  

6. What was a food item you really liked when you were little?

Liver and onions and tinned hamburgers (really)

7. In a similar vein, your favourite quick and easy recipe right now.

SANDWICHES. I live on sandwiches right now. I don’t have time to cook, and even if I do, I find it too exhausting. Plus sandwiches can come with me to the library. 

8. What was your worst transportation/travelling experience?

I suppose when I had a panic attack on my own on a flight to Scotland when my brain decided that nope, even after years of travelling via air/having taken flying lessons when I was younger (my Dad = part time pilot) I had fear of heights. 

9. Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

Seeing my dogs in a few days. 

9. Do you have a favourite or recommended interview? (of whatever format, on whatever subject) Link it if possible!

Nope… [I’m pretty uncultured I don’t read the newspaper enough]

11. What is the best television pilot or finale of all time?

The Twin Peaks pilot is p great. But I’m sure there are better ones that I just can’t think of..?