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dump diving hipster

history geek. simpsons expert. chat-show host. nerd. i cry about a lot of things. come 'ere for : asoiaf/got, battlestar galactica, sailor fuckin' moon, indian cinema (mainly bollywood) and dumb text posts.

Sep 19 '14


about me: i am sorry

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Sep 19 '14
  1. eponinejondrettes said:ikr they smell like mould and dust and i dont even want to touch but i need to

People moan and moan about digitisation but at least the stuff at doesn’t make my chest feel tight. 

Sep 19 '14



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

Sep 19 '14

People who romanticise the smell of old books obviously never have to spend hours surrounded by them my poor fucking eyes

Sep 19 '14



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Sep 18 '14

babageneush said:I wouldn’t mind helping out. PM me with how you’d like to do it!

That is…so incredibly sweet, but I would never actually take anyone’s money unless they were unfathomably rich. 

Basically I was hoping a guilty aristocrat would be on my tumblr for some reason and then I’d suddenly be rolling in it. But I’m good. There’s much worthier people on here with bigger problems than “WAHHH I WANT NEW JEANS”. I was just having a moan. 

thank you tho omg I am legit touched

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Sep 18 '14

I’ma forgive, I won’t forget, but I’ma dead the issue.

Sep 18 '14

mswyrr said: ppl need to not judge that shit. my mom cut my hair for about… 5 years. b/c poor. and the last thing i needed when i finally went in to get a professional cut was judgment. thankfully i found a really awesome/nice lady who was cool about it


My hair grows so quickly & a haircut costs a week’s food money (more a lot of the time). 

[Though I’m not sure I can 100% say that’s the case w/me bc I did have professional haircuts sometimes growing up, though my upbringing does make it hard for me to get over the psychological hurdles involved in paying for non-essential stuff]. 

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Sep 18 '14

Does anyone wanna give me ££££ to buy teaching clothes so my students don’t see what a mess I am. Thinking £300 so I can buy shoes too. THANKS BYEEEE. 

Sep 18 '14